! New tool for QCA: Please also try the new QCA add-in for Excel.
Tosmana is a tool for Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).
The software can be used for csQCA (Crisp-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis) and mvQCA (Multi-Value QCA) calculations. More informations about QCA can be found on the website of Charles Ragin and the COMPASSS Research Group.
A short guide Getting started with TOSMANA can be found here: (PDF only, ZIP file including example data set).
Tosmana is provided by Lasse Cronqvist (University of Trier, Germany).
The development of this software started in the year 2000, and after some years of discontinuity, the release of version 1.4 in June 2016 marks the resumption of work on TOSMANA. A website reset followed in June 2016 as well.
Since version 1.5., TOSMANA does include standard fuzzy-set QCA (fsQCA) procedures as well. Further information on updates can be found here.
To get started with the software, download the compressed file linked below and extract it. Tosmana is included as a simple executable file and no installation is necessary.
If you want to test out the software with a prepared data file, you might download this example file for your convenience.

This program is written to promote the use of QCA. Major efforts are taken to obtain a as fautless application as possible, but it comes without any warranty. Please do always check the results uptained with TOSMANA with other software packages prior to publication!


  Download TOSMANA (Vers. 1.61)
Release date: June 13th 2019
MD5-Checksum (ZIP-File): 1e9244393b1f6a02c94c1d78c1ea4787

  Download Getting started with TOSMANA (PDF Only, ZIP-file incl. example data set)
  Short guide Getting started with fsQCA in TOSMANA (PDF only, ZIP-file with example data set)
  Download a short manual (vers. 1.52)
  Documentation of main changes

If you use Tosmana please cite like this:
Cronqvist, Lasse. 2019. Tosmana [Version 1.61]. University of Trier. Internet:
Impressum / Datenschutzerklärung